Monday, April 7, 2014

Indian Echo Caverns

On my spring break a couple weeks ago, I went to The Indian Echo Caverns. It is a cavern located near Hershey, PA; at the mouth of the Swatara Creek and was home to the Susquehannock Indians. The cavern stays a relatively cool 52 degrees (Fahrenheit) year round and is made of limestone that has eroded overtime.

My lab partner and I wanted to do something together over break and we received extra credit for the trip, so it was a no brainer! Here are some of the snaps of the day. (Excuse the lighting as you know we were underground lol.)

THE VERDICT: Indian Echo Caverns is an awesome place to take a day trip. On our tour there were a few kids and some couples having day dates; definitely a place for every age group. All in all it is something not to miss. 

If you are in the area and want to know more about the Caverns, then be sure to check out their website:

If you are a student be sure to print out a coupon to bring along; every penny counts! :) 

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