Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New York just happens.

Last weekend, I popped up to New York for an overnight stay. My good friend, Lusenda, was visiting from out of town and wanted to gal pal around the city. I arrived in the afternoon absolutely famished so we headed to lunch.

We went to the Le Grainne Cafe, in Chelsea. It is a small french restaurant that is known for their mochas the size of bowls.

I had a ham, cheese, and mushroom crepe and a mocha THE SIZE OF A BOWL.

After lunch we walked around Chelsea and tried our best to stay warm. It had been snowing all day and the wind was not our friend. :(

Lu, like myself, is a massive fashion addict. She had wanted to check out the Fashion Institute of Technology and visit their museum on campus.

The exhibit on display was Trend-ology and spoke about the progression of style throughout history. Unfortunately, this was the only picture I could get. I got told off right after I instagramed this one. 

It really is quite interesting. If you are interested in FIT or just want to check it out, the museum is open Tuesday-Friday 12-8pm, and Saturdays 10am-5pm.

We left the museum, hopped on the subway and headed up to 5th Avenue for a little window shopping. It was snowing like crazy and a bit windy, but the bright windows looked absolutely gorgeous! 

After I snapped this photo, my phone completely died. Because we had been out in the cold for so long it wasn't holding the charger like it normally does. At this point we decided to grab a taxi and head back to the hotel to warm up/charge up and get ready to go out for dinner. 

We braved the elements once more to have a quick sushi and treated ourselves to some mini cupcakes on the way back.

Worn out from the long day we went to bed and woke up for a nice breakfast before I had to catch my ride home. With the hotel being near Grand Central Station we popped into the famous cafe,  Pershing Square. (You may recognise it from the movie 'Friends With Benefits' with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake.) 

After breakfast, we said our goodbyes. :( It was an awesome weekend and I truly miss Lusenda. We have decided that next time I am going to her neck of the woods for a trip. (Oh, and I'd like to quickly thank Lu's mother for being on had to take pictures of us together.)

If you'd like to check out how intense Lu's passion for fashion is I encourage you to check out her blog: It is in the baby stages, but you can alway give her a little love and encouragement to keep goin'. ;)

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Snap Happy: D.C. Part Three

On the last day in D.C. we, first, popped on over to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. It faces the Potomac and is quite we only spent enough time to grab some snap happy moments. 

C thinks he is hilarious. 

On the way back to the car, my brother and I found another small memorial dedicated to George Mason, the author of the first Bill of Rights. 

(Told you he thinks he is funny.) 

Our trip would not be complete if we didn't take a trip to good ol' 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...aka the White House. It has a lovely, heavy black gate surrounding it...which can make it difficult to take pictures, but I did my best in the arctic conditions. 

(Oh yeah got all up close and personal with the freezing gate, just to take pictures of the Obama's front yard! Haha.)

It was a lovely trip and it is always nice to re-explore some of you favourite parts of your country. The summer is travel season for everyone and their mother, but do take a trip the United States Capitol. It is truly and awesome place to be. There is such history in those oldish buildings. It is truly what makes America, America. 
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