Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Morning Lust List: Statement Staples

Good morning! This week I'd like to chat about statement staples for the Monday Morning Lust List. Just a few pieces that I've been looking for to spruce of my standard black on black wardrobe.

1. The Floppy Hat

A staple in every autumn/winter wardrobe the floppy hat can give your bed head a etherial chic gloss.

I fell for this orange version from Liberty. And you know what they say 'Orange is the New Black.' (Great show! Watch it!!! I'll give you my Netflix password.)

2. The Bejewelled Neckline

I love, love wrapping myself up in a warm knit. There is just a comfort you get from wearing a sweater that you don't receive when wearing a t-shirt. It is somewhat easier to dress up a your favourite knit. You can always layer underneath or throw on a blazer or a statement necklace.

This beauty is from Topshop and it makes this lazy girl, one happy shopper. You see, I love clothes and autumn/winter is my favourite time of the year to get dressed up. (I mean, come on, everyone looks better in night lighting.) You wake up in the morning and dress in something that will carry you into the evening ( *whispers* because it is pitch dark by 5 p.m.) With a statement neckline you could wear this sweater to meetings in the day time and throw on an oversized coat and some boots for drinks in the evening. 

3. The Oversized Coat

If you have been a longtime reader then you know I love my coats. I am that girl you see buying wool in July. The reason being, a good coat can forgive a multitude of sins. Food baby, spilt drinks, yesterday's outfit...etc. Anything and everything can be forgiven and forgotten with an oversized coat.   

This saving grace comes in a lovely camel colour from Asos and is on the top of my wish list. It is the perfect shade to break up any black ensemble and it an awesome layering piece! 

There you go another Monday Morning Lust List done and dusted. I'm off to class. Have a lovely day!

*All products mention are of my own opinion and liking. As you were.*

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