Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Made In America: Day One

This past weekend my friend, Taylor, and I drove to Philadelphia to attend Jay Z's Made In America festival. It was our last adventure of the summer and we wanted to go out with a bang.

After walking around and getting a feel for the place, we sat in the grass and watch A$AP Rocky and Public Enemy perform. 

(Made in North America...?)

Next up were one of my favourite bands, Imagine Dragons. Taylor had never heard any of their songs apart from Radioactive...needless to say she is now a big fan.

After Imagine Dragons finished, we waited for Phoenix to perform. I had been a big fan of theirs about three or four years ago, but haven't really given them a listen since. I was completely blown away by their performance and was on my feet dancing the entire time. It felt a little bit like falling love all over again.

After Phoenix had performed, the wait began...

And fate would have it...

Queen B herself lit the stage. Now, I know Drake said, "girls love Beyonce...", BUT this girl /really/ loves Beyonce. Mrs. Carter was not just putting on a show...she was giving the performance of the year! 

...Or at least the performance of my year. It was such a fantastic show...and this was just day one of MIA. The photo's just do not do her justice; be sure to check out my Instagram for all of the videos from the weekend. 

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