Friday, September 13, 2013

Made In America: Day Two

On the second day of the festival, we took our time getting ready as the artists we wanted to see were performing later in the day. We got dressed and headed out for some Sunday Brunch, at Jack's Firehouse.

After we had finished our meal (I had a smoked chicken salad was ah-ma-zing) we walked down the street to the festival gates. 

Like the day before we walked around and found a spot to sit to make a game plan for the rest of the evening. There were so many more people at MIA the second day, than the first so having a plan was key to making sure we got to see all of our favourite artists.

First up on our list was, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I am in love with The Heist album. We played it the whole drive up to the festival, so were pumped to see them. Plus, I am in love with Ray Dalton's voice (it's like butter...and he has just a swagger about him) and was the only one screaming in our area when he walked out on stage. 


Sadly, our love affair with Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Ray Dalton had come to an end. :( It was an awesome, awesome show. Taylor has stated several times that she will pay any amount of money to see them again and I could not agree more. They stole the show that afternoon. Next, I was going to Calvin Harris and Taylor was getting ready for her childhood aka Nine Inch Nails

Now...Calvin. Harris. As you will probably be able to tell by the few photos I managed to snap, it was one of the most amazing sets I saw the entire weekend. (Second to Queen B, obviously.) I placed myself in the front, towards the middle and it was absolutely mental! I have never been so hot in my entire life, but it was well worth it. When I met up later with Taylor, my words could not even describe how awesome it was to her. 

When Calvin finished his set I found Taylor in the crowd for Nine Inch Nails. As I hadn't really listened to them before the festival, I thought it would be a nice idea for Taylor to give her full review on her "childhood." So Taylor: *slides keyboard over to Taylor*

Hello there, Incomplete Me Project readers! My name is Taylor, and Kennedy has asked me to write a review of Nine Inch Nails' performance since it was more of my element. I'll try to keep it simple and not bore you all, but there are no promises.

I want to start off by saying that Nine Inch Nails were a band that I had grown up on. I first heard about them on MTV when I was 5 years old, and by age 6 it turned into a full-on love affair. They were with me still while I was growing up, and they have made their way back into my life, thankfully, as I have entered adulthood. So you can see why I was so hyped to see them live.

Kennedy was seeing Calvin Harris (which I am sure she has mentioned earlier in this post) while I was waiting for Nine Inch Nails to set up. A lot of people had cleared out after Queens of the Stone Age had left the stage, so I set up shop in an area pretty close to the stage. As it got closer to their stage time, the anticipation was almost boiling over. There were handfuls of people around me discussing the first time they had seen Nine Inch Nails and how they remember them during their peak in the early 90s. The age range of the crowd was anywhere from 40 years old down to my 20 years of age.

I texted Kennedy my location to come meet me when Calvin was finished playing so she would know where to find me. Within moments, the lights dimmed, screens were set up, instruments and equipment was in place, and the show was about to begin. Kennedy had arrived just in time.

It began by Trent Reznor coming out on stage, beginning the intro using a sampler, the rest of the band came out from the shadows, then quickly broke out into the song "Copy of A" from their new album.

The band played a culmination spanning through their career (Of course "Closer", "Hands That Feeds", "Only", "Head Like A Hole", "March of the Pigs" were popular among the audience), as well as slowly introducing the audience to songs from their upcoming album Hesitation Marks, which was released two days after the concert. They played a lot of songs from their debut album Pretty Hate Machine, which was a nice treat for the devout fans.

In true Trent Reznor fashion, he closed the show with their popular song "Hurt", which most of you are probably familiar with the Johnny Cash cover. (Yes, Trent wrote the song in 1994).

The whole performance was enthralling, and there were moments where I completely forgot where I was and who was around me. In those moments, it was just me, Trent, and the music. I am not one of "those people" who cries when they see their favourite performers, but there were periods where I would be choking back tears of happiness because I just couldn't believe it was happening; I would have little rushes of excitement because I remember being a child and listening to their music in my bedroom.

That evening was a performance and memory I will cherish forever. This was 14 years in the making for me, and it was worth every bit of the wait.
*hands keyboard back to Kennedy*

It was truly an amazing weekend. Taylor and I have already discussed returning next year! 

Just a little update: My goal is to post a bit more regularly from now on; at least once a week. I have returned to school and now am on schedule, so it will be a bit easier to keep all of you updated. You can always follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Also, make sure to follow me on bloglovin' so you can get a little alert each time I post. ;)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Made In America: Day One

This past weekend my friend, Taylor, and I drove to Philadelphia to attend Jay Z's Made In America festival. It was our last adventure of the summer and we wanted to go out with a bang.

After walking around and getting a feel for the place, we sat in the grass and watch A$AP Rocky and Public Enemy perform. 

(Made in North America...?)

Next up were one of my favourite bands, Imagine Dragons. Taylor had never heard any of their songs apart from Radioactive...needless to say she is now a big fan.

After Imagine Dragons finished, we waited for Phoenix to perform. I had been a big fan of theirs about three or four years ago, but haven't really given them a listen since. I was completely blown away by their performance and was on my feet dancing the entire time. It felt a little bit like falling love all over again.

After Phoenix had performed, the wait began...

And fate would have it...

Queen B herself lit the stage. Now, I know Drake said, "girls love Beyonce...", BUT this girl /really/ loves Beyonce. Mrs. Carter was not just putting on a show...she was giving the performance of the year! 

...Or at least the performance of my year. It was such a fantastic show...and this was just day one of MIA. The photo's just do not do her justice; be sure to check out my Instagram for all of the videos from the weekend. 

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