Friday, June 14, 2013

24 Hours in Washington D.C.

This past January, I got hooked on the television show RuPaul's Drag Race and have become a full on fan for it. Every Monday night I would head over to my friend, Taylor's house and get ready to watch all the glamour, the drama, and the tears. So, last weekend myself and a few friends went to Washington D.C. for the evening. When we heard that three of our favourite queens, Willam, Detox, and Vicky Vox, were going to be performing, we quickly booked a hotel and grabbed our tickets knowing that this would not be something to miss.

We stayed at a boutique hotel called, Helix in downtown D.C.
(Sorry for the blurry photo. I am still getting used to taking pictures in public.)

It was a cute hangout place. The location was just fantastic, as it was in close proximity to all of the clubs and bars, which made it easy to travel on foot. As well as being only a short drive into the city area where you could see the White House and the monuments.

We also found a large mirror where we took 'selfies' the whole evening.

(Let's try again.)

(Much Better!)
We had a nice lunch/dinner at Nando's and then went back to the hotel to get ready for the show.
Willam, Vicky, Detox 
The show was incredible we sang our hearts out and danced along with everyone else. After the show was over, the four of us quickly jumped in line to meet them. All three were just lovely and incredibly down to earth. Thanking us for coming to the show and apologising for the wait. 

 One last selfie showing off our signed posters. 
Overall, the trip was amazing. If you are interested in staying at the Helix Hotel or checking out Town Danceboutique I recommend it. 

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