Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Morning Lust List: Home Decor Edition.

Gooooood MORNING. How is everyone? Good? Great! Welcome to this week's edition of the Monday Morning Lust List! *announcer voice* (Come on. I know you heard it in your head too.) The past two MMLL posts were focused around clothing and accessories; this week I'd like to talk about the home. Now, I have recently completed my first year at university and have been home quite a lot. I keep looking at my bedroom and seeing the 13-year-old version of myself from when I first moved into here. I think it is high time this room has an update. Here are a few items I have been lusting after to change up my space:

1. Paint: Clean, modern, and fresh.

My room, at the moment, has dark navy blue walls. When I was was okay (that was the colour the walls were when I moved in; little has changed since.) Although, now that I am older I would prefer to have something a bit more timeless and classic.

2. Mirrors *cue JT*
Growing up, my parents would redecorate our living room about every three or so years. I quickly learned how to make a small space appear larger by adding a well placed mirror. This not only allows depth to the room, it also makes it an easy place to reapply your lip gloss. Thanks, mom and dad. My room is quite small. Normally, it would bother me, but surprisingly it doesn't because I am the only who hangs out in here anyway (as it should be. :) 

3. Organisation: 
There is nothing I love more than a well organised room. From the closet to the bookshelf each piece has its place. 
I love these small pots they are from Ikea. They are meant to be used as flower pots, but I've seen them repurposed in many different ways. For example: Make up brush holders and extra usb cord and charger pots. 

Those are just a few home ware things I've been looking at recently. Let me know if you enjoy this kind of post or if you would prefer to see the clothing and accessorises MMLL posts every week. I hope all of you have a lovely day! (If you need some motivation on this Monday be sure to check out the new playlist. Just to give you a little pep in your step.)

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Morning Lust List.

Its that day of the week, guys. Oh yeah! Its time for the *booming voice* Monday Morning Lust List. Haha. Alright, this week is a bit shoe heavy so lets get started:

1. Valentino pointed shoes:
After months of seeing blogger after blogger posting pictures on Instagram of these shoes, I will finally admit it, I like them. I was on the fence about these babies for some time, but now I find myself googling them more and more everyday.

With the heavy price tag of $870; I may need to save my pennies or at least scour eBay for a dupe in the mean time.  BUT JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!!

Okay, okay calming down now. *inhale/exhale* Moving on

I am in absolute love with these cut out boots. I'm a bit late to the party as everyone and their mother seems to have a pair, but I just love them. They dress down an outfit. They are, from what I've read, quite comfortable. Now, all I want to do is buy my lace dress, leather jacket, neon clutch and Starbucks just to walk around with them on. Just like the cool girls who stay up all night.

Okay, I have talked enough about shoes...Let us see what item number three on the Monday morning lust list is...

When I was in New York, last week, I had popped into Zara as I do not have a store near my house. While I was browsing I came across this bag. As soon as I had set my eyes upon it I was in love. Then, I looked at the price tag and the size of the bag and decided to wait on it.

With this gorgeous gold detail and sleek black exterior. I was even more excited about the fact that it was bright magenta on the inside. It has three compartments and can hold a laptop. This is one bag that I will most definitely be going back for soon. Ugh I just want it now!

Those are just a few things I had my eye on this week. I hope you have a nice Monday. Be sure to check out this week's playlist. Its actually pretty good (my favourite that I have made so far). 

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

New York, New York!

Morningggggg. My apologies for not updating for awhile, but it has been a bit crazy. Anyway, back on form with a lovely little post about my day trip to New York this past week. Here we go...

Last week, myself and three friends journeyed up to this totally random town of... NEW YORK CITY. Haha. We have been able to visit loads and discover the city a little bit more each time over the years. A day trip was definitely on the to do list. This trip was a bit more relaxed, as we had a late start and took our time getting into the city. Our main priority was our dinner reservation at 7, but other than that we wandered around and rode the subway up and down the city.

A visit to Laudrée was my only request for this trip.
After buying our macaroon's we took a stroll through Central Park and nibbled on our goodies.

Before dinner we stopped at Starbucks for a quick caffeine fix and to charge up our phones. 

For dinner, we went to Joanne's. It is a family style Italian restaurant located on the Upper West Side. The food is absolutely delicious. The spaghetti and meatballs are to die for and you MUST order their Red Velvet cake. You will not be disappointed. Promise!

I tried to take a few snaps of the food, but it was just so delicious and we were so hungry it was too hard to not have a quick bite first.
 (Seriously, you will not be sorry.)
After dinner, we walked around the city a bit more before heading home. 

(Yes. Another Starbucks...What??? We had a long journey home.)

After a long day in the city, it was so nice to crawl back into my bed at 4:30 in the morning. New York, I love you. Until next time, my darling. 

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